K launches We Will Prevail campaign, helping struggling non-profits in time of COVID-19

PR Newswire, April 13, 2020

NEWARK, NJ – Calcagni & Kanefsky is committed to helping those who serve others – the people and organizations mission-driven to aid in moments of need. With resources stretched as the COVID-19 crisis continues, local non-profits are struggling to serve the many that count on them. Some, including those bravely founded to help in this time of urgency, need help themselves to meet the growing demand. With its We Will Prevail campaign, CK is responding to the need.

CK is pledging 5% of its revenue from the month of April to support non-profit organizations impacted by, and in some cases making a positive impact on, the COVID-19 crisis. With this pledge, CK has already donated $10,000 to one organization, New Jersey Reentry Corporation, which under the leadership of Former Governor Jim McGreevey is serving some of New Jersey’s most needy, helping with access to food, shelter, and healthcare.

“CK is a unique law firm, founded by and comprised of former Federal and State prosecutors,” explained Senior Partner Thomas Calcagni. “We know the importance of service – we brought that with us from our careers as government officials, and it forms the fabric of our law firm. While we, too, have been impacted by this crisis, we feel compelled to help these organizations that share our commitment to service and who are right now in need of support themselves.”

The non-profit organizations serving diverse missions to which CK has pledged support include the following:

Daytop New Jersey – Daytop offers residential and outpatient treatment for people suffering from addiction and substance abuse disorders. As addiction and dependency, along with other mental and behavioral health illnesses, dramatically intensify in times of crises, Daytop is committed to serving a fast-growing population in need, providing exceptional and affordable treatment throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and long after.

“The COVID-19 crisis, paired with the opioid epidemic, will have profound impacts on the 275 adults and youth served daily by Daytop NJ with opioid and other substance use disorders. Right now, reducing stressors to enable folks to successfully navigate through this period of great uncertainty is our immediate goal,” said Jim Curtin, President and CEO, Daytop NJ.

Front Line Appreciation Group (FLAG) – FLAG is dedicated to helping feed front line healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic while simultaneously working to keep our local restaurants in business. Born of the crisis, FLAG chapters have emerged all over New Jersey, where concerned citizens contribute toward sending freshly prepared meals from nearly-shuttered cafes and restaurants to the crisis’ front line.

“Here in Morris County, the community has rallied to step in to support Morristown Medical Center. With every meal we deliver, we are helping not only our local heroes, but also our local businesses,” said Liz Bernich, who founded FLAG with Gina McGuire. “CK’s support is critical to a grassroots organization like ours, and we are humbled to partner with them,” added McGuire.

New Jersey Reentry Corporation – NJRC offers second chances through support services to the formerly incarcerated by providing employment training and securing job opportunities, healthcare (including mental health, addiction treatment, and medical care), legal services, and housing referrals. In this time of the COVID-19 crisis, NJRC is offering these critically needed services to 8,500 individuals reentering society, who largely have no other means of support.

“NJRC addresses the most critical needs of persons in need of a Second Chance. During this pandemic, NJRC’s services are an actual lifeline; without our help, it is a certainty that our clients would relapse, overdose and die, or resort to crime to survive. We are grateful for the leadership, commitment, and support of CK. The firm’s active engagement has made a discernible difference for the 8,500 clients we serve,” said Jim McGreevey, Chairman of the Board, New Jersey Reentry Corporation.

Royal Family Productions – RFP serves as an innovative theatre for original, socially-conscious story-telling. It is committed to making theatre accessible for youth and adolescents from underserved communities. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, RFP has cancelled its season, and RFP’s ability to support its artists and even continue its mission is in peril.

“The arts are needed now more than ever. During this uncertain moment, we are heartened to have a friend in CK, and appreciate its support of our mission,” said Christine Henry, Artistic Director, Royal Family Production.

“More important than the financial commitment we’re making, is generating awareness for local and regional non-profits and their need – in some cases, dire – for support,” said Senior Partner Eric Kanefsky. “By launching this campaign, we’re aiming to motivate other people and companies to action, to support these and other worthy, neighborhood non-profits that may be struggling during this unprecedented time.”

Through its We Will Prevail campaign, featured at ck-litigation.com, CK encourages others to make their own pledge of support to struggling non-profits in their communities.