CK’s antitrust attorneys have broad and varied experience in criminal and civil antitrust matters. Our team of former prosecutors and seasoned litigators has extensive experience managing and guiding clients through internal investigations, strategic decisions on government cooperation, negotiations with the Department of Justice, and every stage of the litigation process.

We have represented executives and companies in grand jury investigations and parallel class actions alleging price-fixing, market allocation, bid rigging, and other restraints of trade, across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Packaged seafood
  • Generic drugs
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Healthcare services
  • Financial services
  • Global foreign currency exchange market
  • Insurance


  • Achieved pre-trial dismissal of criminal Sherman Act indictment brought by the Department of Justice – Antitrust Division against senior executive of a national water chemical company who was alleged to have participated in a multi-year bid rigging, market allocation, and price fixing conspiracy. Representation of senior executive included defense in related civil federal MDL and state qui tam matters.
  • Successfully defended a senior financial executive in a five-week criminal trial of fraud charges brought by the Department of Justice – Antitrust Division concerning the reinvestment of municipal bonds. Obtained dismissal of the indictment on appeal.
  • Achieved noncustodial sentence for Senior Vice President of a multi-national seafood conglomerate in large Sherman Act prosecution by the Department of Justice – Antitrust Division concerning widespread price fixing in the packaged seafood industry. Continue to represent the senior executive in related civil federal MDL matters.
  • Persuaded the Department of Justice – Antitrust Division through attorney proffers not to prosecute a currency trader at a large global financial institution being investigated in an antitrust conspiracy to manipulate prices in the global foreign currency exchange market.
  • Successfully enrolled Portuguese insurance company in Leniency Program in a price- fixing cartel investigation led by Portugal’s competition authority and achieved full exemption of fines.
  • Achieved the dismissal of cardholder claims against a major global financial institution in multiple state and federal antitrust litigations regarding the interchange fee paid for accepting payment cards.
  • Represented former employees of a Fortune 500 generic drug manufacturer in parallel criminal and civil antitrust matters regarding an alleged conspiracy to artificially manipulate prices, reduce competition, and restrain trade in the sale of generic drugs.
  • Represented senior executive of a large regional healthcare network in bid rigging investigation by the Department of Justice -Antitrust Division into the procurement and implementation of the network’s electronic health records system.